Bienvenido a Smiles

Hello! We are Smiles, a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping thousands of children from 2000 until now. Our priority is to achieve the integral development of children in needy children all over the world, why? For a single purpose: to see them smile. Well, we know that a happy child will become an accomplished and independent adult, capable of offering smiles to others who need it. That is why we have created different support programs, we have two Casas Smiles, one in Tijuana, Mexico and the second in Zancudo, El Salvador. We also have different Smiles Experiences such as: Solidarity Trips, Missionary Stays and Smiles Projects.

Within the programs and projects we deliver smiles daily with basic food, medical assistance, school tutorials, recreational activities and personal development workshops.

For us, Smiles is more than an organization, program or project of help, the foundation is an experience that leaves its mark on children and those who are part of the family (missionaries, volunteers, leaders, ambassadors and donors). Being part of the organization is changing the way you see the world, it leads you to understand the true meaning and purpose of why you are here. We are convinced that to live is to leave a mark, to change and improve, to grow or simply to serve and help others. We each have different skills, talents and resources, however, we can all help from our place.

The countries to Smiles havs gone to draw smiles are: Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, India, Egypt, Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Morocco and Spain.

You can find more information about our programs and projects, and also how you can be part of Smiles in the tabGet involved.

Chronology of events

  • 2000

    First Smiles Project

    500 families were helped after the Earthquake.

  • 2003

    Santa Fe Project, Argentina.

    Over 1000 students and their families were served after a major flood.

  • 2004-2019

    First Smiles Camp in Indiana, Amazonas.a

  • 2004

    Smiles is approved as a non-profit organization in the United States of America

  • 2004-2019

    The Missionary Stays begin.

  • 2006

    Smiles is approved as a non-profit organization in Mexico.

  • 2008

    Smiles is approved as a non-profit organization in Peru.

  • 2010

    Smiles Missionaries Program begins in the Amazon.

  • 2011

    First Smiles Project at the Orphanage Mother Teresa of Calcutta in Agra, India.

  • 2013

    Casa Smiles opens in Tijuana, Mexico

  • 2014

    Smiles Missionaries Program begins in Thailand

  • 2015

    The Smiles House El Salvador opens

  • 2016

    First Smiles Project in Thailand.

  • 2019

    The Smiles foundation is about to be approved in El Salvador

Our team

Gustavo Squarzon


Rafael Siordia


Leyla Siordia


Axara Squarzon


Our purpose

This organization aims to bring hope to children who dream big but their chances are short. Our mission is to find them and draw smiles as possible with the help of volunteers who want to join and join others in Latin America and the world. Our intention is to take more than materials so that they smile, it is to share our time and genuine interest in their future through experiences and experiences that change their lives.

Our vision aims to continue growing as a family, opening a Smiles House and Smiles School in every Latin American country.