'Let's draw hope through the smile of a child'

How can you join Smiles?

If your desire is to help, you can be part of the Smiles family as a donor, ambassador, volunteer, leader or missionary. If you have the conviction and the time, you can make a trip that will change your life and that of many. If you have the conviction but do not have the time to travel, then you can take part adopting a project, or you can carry out projects in your place of residence. Sign up!

Smiles Trips

Make a trip with purpose and bring hope to Latin America, Asia or Europe.
Participate in a short trip as a volunteer or carry out a missionary project for a period of between six and twelve months.

Smiles Projects

Support a cause or register as an ambassador and fulfill from wherever you are the goal of drawing smiles in different parts of the world.

Smiles Events

Smiles Events are activities organized mainly by Smiles Ambassadors in their place of residence, however anyone who is interested in doing a Smiles Project, can contact us to make it a reality.

There are 3 annual events supported by Smiles: Box of Shoes, Happy Children (day of the child) and Back to School, these are made everywhere where a Volunteer, Missionary or Ambassador Smiles is. The purpose of these projects is to live and give smiles, supporting education and giving experiences to children who need it most.