Smiles Volunteers

Short terms

A Smiles Volunteer is anyone who has the conviction and willingness to travel to help for a short period of 7 to 15 days on dates already established. A Solidarity Trip is made to a country selected by the volunteer, groups are created to assist with workshops, recreational activities, food, medical assistance taken to different places in the area.

Each year there are several solidarity trips in Latin America and Asia with the purpose of bringing hope for a better future to thousands of children who live in need.

What will you do on this trip?

In these trips, support is provided in several ways: parents receive support classes, teachers are given educational advice and the community in general, is given the opportunity to access medical, dental and food. Children are given workshops, recreational activities, medical care, food, school supplies and personal hygiene packages. The most important of these trips is not the material help we provide, but the dedication and time given to each child during this adventure. In the evenings and nights, you will have the opportunity to visit places in the area, you can also attend meetings of motivation and development for your personal growth.

Smiles Missionaries

Long term

A Missionary Smiles is a person who has the concern and the conviction to impact lives through projects and programs that he will carry out during his stay. Committed and responsible people who want and have the availability to serve for a minimum period of 6 months to 1 year are needed. The Missionary Stay is carried out in Smiles Communities, managed by the foundation. If you are a person who has the desire to help and wants to experience a great impact, we invite you to join us as a missionary, we need people who have the heart to serve.

What will you do during your stay?

You will live an experience that will promote and transform the lives of many children, you will have the opportunity to see the world in a different way and you will be able to learn a lot from yourself, from where you are going and from the people who will be around you. You will be part of the team contributing your talents and skills to bring Smiles Communities smiles, attending one or several tasks, depending on the areas in which you wish to play. You will develop activities, and you will enhance your creativity, but above all, you will positively impact the future of many children who need quality time and love for their development.

We invite you to join us to be a Missionary Smiles, to travel with purpose, to serve with the heart. Help us draw a smile at the same time.

Why travel with us?


Traveling with purpose is the best way to travel. You will have an experience that will last for a lifetime, not only for you, but for all those who help from the heart.


Children from different regions live without hope, you can make the change, giving quality time and investing in their futures with your experiences. Not only you will impact the lives of others, but yours will change completely after this experience.


In each Smiles Experience, you get more than experiences, but family and friends. We share the same feeling and we connect with each other after such a beautiful experience. Be part of the change, join the Smiles Adventure.

Do you have questions?

Are the projects only for professionals?

They are for any person, professional or non-professional. We need committed people who are willing to help, to serve with their skills and talents, who have the same vision as us: helping children to have a prosperous future.


Do you only work with children?

We focus on working with children from 5 to 12 years old, in order to transform their future generations into the areas where they are most needed. However, families, teachers and institutions are also supported with talks and workshops for the potential development of children.


Why do I have to pay to volunteer?

At Smiles we are a team of volunteers who have opted for a lifestyle of total service. The foundation has no administrative costs, 99% of donations are directly used for projects and 1% is for the payment of a place that serves as storage.

The minimum cost you will pay will be to acquire the necessary resources to carry out the project to which you registered and for your lodging, food, medical missionary insurance, and other basic needs that you may have.


In what activities will I be involved?

Directing sports and motor games.
Carrying out crafts, art and paintings.
Developing workshops on self-esteem, values and manners.
Assisting doctors and dentists.
Offering Professional Workshops for Educators.
Conducting Seminars for Parents.
Offering classes in health, cooking, hygiene, and quality of life.
Telling stories that transform the Heart.
Giving Bible studies.
Helping cleaning, arranging and building orphanages, churches and community centers.
Collaborating in the preparation of hundreds of food and emergency bags.
Can you find another one? Tell us and we do it.


Where does Smile have venues?

Smiles USA (central office)

For now we have two Smiles Houses:
1. Tijuana, Mexico
2. The Zancudo, El Salvador
And, our headquarters camp is in El Amazonas, Peru.


¿Qué puedo donar?

  • Financial resource
  • Multivitamin for children
  • Multivitamins for pregnant women
  • Aspirin for children
  • Oral Anesthesia for children
  • Antiparasitic Medicine
  • Medicine for Fibers - Colds - Flu
  • Expectorants
  • Baby Irritated Skin Cream
  • Powdered Milk / Baby Formula
  • Diapers
  • Baby Clothing up to 18 months
  • School supplies (colors, markers, crayons, eraser, paste, ruler, pencil sharpener, cartridge belt, paints, brushes, no paper please)
  • School Backpacks
  • School Dust Cover
  • Table Games & amp; Didactic
  • Storybooks
  • School Workbooks
  • Clothing for children between 5 years and 12 years
  • Sets Pants / T-shirt
  • Flip-flops / Guaraches
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Volleyball / Soccer Balls
  • Volleyball Net
  • Football / Ball Uniforms
  • Baseball Team / Ball (bats, balls, gloves, caps)
  • Bibles for Children
  • Social Preventive Treaties (drugs, pregnancy, alcohol, domestic violence, etc.)