The Echo of the Amazon

Exotic and captivating. full of life still to be known. Intense greens, wild noises; rivers full of mysteries. This is the Amazon Rainforest!

Every year Smiles and his team of Medical Volunteers, Dentists, Psychologists, Teachers, Social Workers, Youth, Adolescents, Adult People. in short, so many people go into the Amazon to visit dozens of lost communities among rivers, trees and loneliness. We play with them, we share time, stories, hugs and affection. We motivate their efforts, their desire to live, to keep going despite everything. We help with school supplies, basic foods, clothing and programs that help you improve your quality of life.

In the Smiles Camp around 150 children participate annually in this event where the best students of the Public Schools of the Rivers attend. In addition, hundreds of families benefit from the visit of Professionals and Volunteers who bring them Food, Basic Medical Assistance, Educational Programs in their own communities in the middle of the Amazonian tributaries.

We invite you to be part of this great experience. Join the team and draw smiles in the Amazon.


Medical, Educational Camp in Public Schools of the Amazon River. Attention to more than 20 Communities of the Rivers.


July 24th – August 1st - 2020


Everyone is qualified. Minimum age 15.

Cost to participate

U$ 515.- per person. See information in FAQs.