Streets and secrets of India

Ancient and full of mysticism. Everyone who in any way passes through India is captivated by their customs, their indescribable beauty and their ancient mysteries. The people, their ideas and religious customs, their kindness and docility catch any traveler.

The Smiles Team will arrive to India for the first time to "Draw smiles". We will remodel rooms, programs for children will be made with sports, games and everything that the language barrier allows us in two orphanages near the Capital of the country:

1. Order Mother Teresa is the first orphanage we will visit, located in Agra is a city that is located 3 hours from the capital, it is attended by more than 200 orphaned children and some relatives.
2. DMRC Children Home is the second orphanage that we will visit located in Old Delhi, another city in the old part of the Capital where more than 300 orphans are cared for.

Arriving in this city is for us a great achievement, we know that we have a great challenge in the language, however, we are sure that with our hands, eyes and attitude we will be able to speak with more force in spite of any cultural and idiomatic barrier that exists. We have faith that they will understand that we are there to help them.

Be part and help us reach the hearts of the 500 children who are waiting for us.


Social, medical, educational assistance. Visit to orphanages and public assistance.


2020 Date to be confirmed


Everyone is qualified. Minimum age 15.

Cost to participate

U$ 575.- per person. See information in FAQs.