Mysteries of Thailand

Thailand has a 10% poverty rate, which is worth noting, however, there are still children and families who are exposed to needs such as AIDS eradication, high school dropout due to lack of resources and means, as well as children they must work for being in a situation of poverty, they become vulnerable to the sexual tourism that is so abundant.

Our mission in this part of the world is to help children get out of these conditions, give them hope, transform their lives. We carry medical and psychological assistance, workshops, food, school supplies, clothing and recreational activities.

We always help with the same vision: Change the world one smile at a time. Help us transform the lives of children who need it most. Join the cause.


Social, Medical and Educational Assistance to Orphanages, Public Schools and Refugee Camps.


November 22th-30th - 2019


Everyone is qualified. Minimum age 15.

Cost to participate

U$ 525.- per person. See information in FAQs.