About Us

Hello! We are smiles, a nonprofit foundation committed to helping thousands of children from 2000 until now. Our priority is to achieve comprehensive child development in needy children worldwide, why?

For one purpose only: to see them smile. Well, we know that a happy child will become a fulfilled and independent adult, capable of giving smiles to others who need it.

That is why we have created different support programs, we have two Casas Smiles, one in Tijuana, Mexico and the second in Zancudo, El Salvador. We also have different Smiles Experiences such as: Solidarity Trips, Missionary Stays and Smiles Projects.

Within the programs and projects we deliver smiles daily with basic food, medical assistance, school tutoring, recreational activities and personal development workshops.

Our purpose

This organization aims to bring hope to children who dream big but their possibilities are short. Our mission is to find them and draw smiles as possible with the help of volunteers who want to join and join others in Latin America and the world. Our intention is to bring more than materials to make them smile, it is to share our time and genuine interest in their future through experiences and experiences that change their lives.

Our vision aims to continue growing as a family, to open a Smiles House and Smiles School in every Latin American country.