A Smiles Ambassador is a person committed to serving. She is willing to help and wants to bring smiles to the children, but they can only do so from their place of residence. The Smiles Foundation promotes this activity with people who have the same vision: to change the world one smile at a time.

Are you ready to transform lives?

How to participate?

Tell us about your project, the children we want to help and explain how you hope to achieve your goals. Fill out the form and we will contact you to carry out this mission.

Why to be an Ambassador?

To impact lives, a simple act of love and service to those who need it is enough. By participating as an ambassador you will help children living in your city have access to a better life.

Frequent asked questions

How do we do this?

Smiles Ambassadors aim to host 3 distinctive events per year:

  1. 1. Happy children (children's day)
  2. 2. Back to school
  3. 3. Shoe box (Christmas)

There is no type of restriction for the participation of these projects, since young people, students, professionals or people with a passion to serve are welcome. Projects must be organized and planned by Smiles Ambassadors, we are committed to helping make the event a reality, as long as it meets Smiles' vision.

What is the purpose of the projects?

Supply basic needs for food, education and medical-dental care. Offer the child and his family a day where he feels special, cared for and loved. Present a program that conveys the idea that "we are special, created with purpose, with a plan in life, and the possibility of breaking patterns to succeed."

What is the ABC of the projects?

  1. 1. Choose a community or school that has previously evaluated and confirmed needs.
  2. 2. Collect the necessary human and financial resources, based on the preparation of a detailed and real budget that covers every detail of the Project. Smiles will provide a part of the financial resources, after having agreed with the budget.
  3. 3. Coordinate the Voluntary Work team to carry out the event, delegating to them the responsibility of leading workshops, games, classes, and seminars.
  4. 4. Take photos and promotional videos of the Project to promote obtaining more resources for upcoming events and thank those who collaborated.

Benefits of being a Smiles Ambassador

Participate in leadership training through digital platforms with Pastor Gustavo Squarzon and other leaders of the Youth Ministry, Community Service and Urban Impact.

Meeting of Ambassadors. Once a year Smiles will hold an Ambassador Meeting at the Smiles Amazonas Camp, where you can participate. Smiles will take care of all your personal expenses (accommodation, meals, materials, projects) and you only have to buy your plane ticket to reach the destination.

Participate in medical and educational brigades anywhere in the world where Smiles is carrying out a project with access to a discount for being part of the Smiles Leadership Team.

How can I become a Smiles Ambassador?

  1. 1. Fill out the registration form completely, without leaving any requirements aside.
  2. 2. Once we contact you, present on a sheet the project that God has put in your heart that you want to carry out.
  3. 3. Once the Project and the details are approved, it begins to work for its realization.
  4. 4. Present a report and evaluation of what has been done.
  5. 5. Participate in digital equipment, motivation, support and evaluation meetings.
  6. 6. Start enjoying the benefits of being part of the team that changes the world, one smile at a time.

Is there a cost to be a Smiles Ambassador?

Of course! Everything that is done in order to impact the world, leave traces in future generations, impact the lives of hundreds of children and their families, must have a cost. Which are:

  • 1. The time it takes you to organize.
  • 2. The use of your resources to touch the hearts.

Many will believe that it is not worth it, but you will look over the moment. Tiredness will push you to stop, but your goals will be stronger. The obstacles will be many, however you will take them as opportunities.