Project of the month

School building in Myanmar


To raise $ 35,000 for the purpose of building an Elementary School that accommodates 300 Formal Education students with a multiple technical training program that provides employment opportunities for graduate students.

Description of the place

Myanmar, which was at the time, was one of the trade routes and door to the entrance of Southeast Asia, today after 40 years of isolation, censorship and dictatorships, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, lagging behind in the queue for education , health and basic infrastructure.

Understanding the problem

As always, the population most affected in this type of socio-political circumstances are children, who are practically immersed in a crisis that affects their physical, emotional and educational development.

Children forced to look for work to satisfy the basic needs of their families, forced to work in mines or construction. With more than half a million families displaced by economic difficulties, they push children to live on the street, witnessing social atrocities. Recruited or kidnapped at age 14 to join rebel armies.